Dental Hygiene Care 2U is owned and operated by Alan Bernales
— a Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice (RDHAP)

Alan provides dental hygiene care for people with limited access to dental services


During our first visit, I will perform an oral assessment which will be used as a baseline of the status of your oral health and general health for future dental maintenance. I will review your health history, perform an oral cancer exam which includes the palpation of your neck, head, face, throat, and tongue. I will assess the condition of your gums and check for dental cavities that need urgent attention.

Prophylaxis is a synonymous term for a professional dental cleaning. Procedure in which plaque and other irritants are removed from the oral cavity. As plaque builds up on your teeth, it converts to tartar, which can begin to affect the supporting structures of teeth.

Periodontal maintenance is a professional dental cleaning that is deeper than prophylaxis. Patients with a history of the periodontal disease need deeper cleaning because bone loss has occurred. This maintenance is needed in order to maintain gum and bone health.

Non-surgical periodontal therapy which involves the removal of dental plaque and calculus and smoothing the root surfaces of teeth. The goal is to remove impregnated calculus, toxins and microorganisms that are causing the inflammation on the periodontium.

Fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated form of fluoride which is applied to the tooth’s surface. This treatment is done as a preventive measure to remineralize enamel, dentin or cementum of the tooth and prevent decay. This varnish forms a film on the tooth which allows it to stay in contact for several hours.

  • Jenn Vanessa Monnar
    Excellent service and professionalism super recommended
    Jenn Vanessa Monnar
  • Frances Rainin
    Great experience! Alan was so kind and gentle and he came to my house! The best dental cleaning ever!
    Frances Rainin
  • Carlos Reyes
    Very reliable, responsible and professional service.
    Carlos Reyes
  • Pam English
    I highly recommend Alan Bernales as a dental hygienist. He has cleaned and scanned my aunt’s teeth in her apartment. She is 101, cannot walk and has some dementia. It’s very difficult to take her to appointments outside of her senior living apartment. He came in, treated her gently and with respect. Within 45 minutes her teeth were cleaned and she was very comfortable.
    Pam English

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